ExpressionEngine 2.0 Demo

December 3rd, 2009 in ExpressionEngine | 1 comments

ExpressionEngine 2.0 Public Beta is out with new features and hundreds of improvements.

EE 2.0 Demo Home Page Screen

ExpressionEngine 2.0 Demo

What better way to experience the new ExpressionEngine 2.0 than to test it out for your self.

EE 2.0 Demo Entry Listing Page

ExpressionEngine 2.0 Demo

and discuss your comments.

EE 2.0 Demo New Entry Screen

ExpressionEngine 2.0 Demo

So, here are the details for the control panel of EE 2.0 Demo

User Name: demo
Password: password

Enjoy and play nice


We have the new ExpressionEngine 2.1 Demo installed, please update your links.

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Outstanding - thanks for posting a demo!


said Brandon about 4 years, 3 months ago


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